Every day, millions of people worldwide are engaged in conversation. Social media is changing the way we use the web.


You have to stop thinking about how you sell because you don’t really sell anymore. Instead you help buyers make a buying decision. When they make their decision, hopefully it will be in your favour. Although that won’t always be the case. Unisson will help you discover how your system needs to be set up properly and the approach you need to consider.


If you have a really good product or service, more often than not, you will win the sale.


You've no doubt heard of the very popular Facebook and Twitter, and other social media services as well. There's a very good chance that someone is already out there, talking about your products and services - now is the time to join the conversation.


With over one million Western Australians on Facebook, social media marketing is an area that you should be looking at.


From social media strategy to managed campaigns, custom page designs and more, our consultation and design services will help your organisation become social. Our expert knowledge in social media can take you from hearing about it, to embracing it as part of your marketing mix, ensuring better engagement with your consumers and stakeholders.


We offer a range of Social Media Services no matter what stage you are at with your social media presence.  Our packages are customised to your individual business requirements.


Services we can provide include:


  • Creation and set-up of customised facebook page

  • Custom designed profile image and thumbnail image set-up

  • Vanity URL for your facebook page

  • Completion of Info section of the page along with use of appropriate keywords for your business Social Media and Facebook Mentoring

  • Learn to use your facebook page to its full potential including targeting your relevant audience & gaining business from your facebook page


  • Creation and set-up of customised Twitter profile

  • Mentoring and training on using Twitter for business


Once you have your social media presence set up it takes time to maintain and implement strategies.  We can manage this on your behalf freeing up your time to work on your business.  We can do this on a limited or continual basis.  Whichever fits in best with your business.


Have a look at the '#Socialnomics' video above to give you an idea why you can't afford NOT to invest in social media for your business